UP5_6 Fuorisalone 2019

To celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Gaetano Pesce’s Up5_6, B&B Italia has opened its wardrobe up to new solid colours: orange red, navy blue, petrol green, emerald green, cardamom. There is also the 50th Anniversary Special Edition, striped beige/petrol green, which refers to the original colour palette of 1969.

Nearly half a century ago, a wave of women across the world stood up, organizing themselves in the fight for equal rights, over the years, this battle has inspired new forms of art.

Among the most celebrated and impactful pieces from this period is Gaetano Pesce’s  UP5 & 6 armchairs for B&B Italia, exhibited in Piazza Duomo for Milan Design Week 2019.The original piece from the Italian designer was used to underline the treatment of women in a patriarchal society and the inequality of the sexes and it was perhaps the first industrial design project imbued with a political statement. A special version of the Maestà Soffrente by Gaetano Pesce will be crafted 8 meters high for Fuorisalone, situated in a unique location within the city: before the city’s famous cathedral, visible to hundreds of thousands of visitors from around the world. The chair’s original form embellished with countless needles nestled in the surface to highlight violence against women. The work exhibited for the entire duration of Milan’s 2019 Fuorisalone, from April 7th to the 14th, 2019.