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Bertoia Molded Shell Chair

Founded in 1938, the furniture brand Knoll offers furniture and decoration solutions for offices, living spaces, museums and higher education centers. Founded by Hans Knoll, the brand has become a global company with manufacture sites in East Greenville, Grand Rapids, Muskegon and Toronto in Northern America; and in Foligno and Graffignana in Italy. Knoll turns modern furniture into inspiring, transforming and durable objects.
More than 40 of Knoll’s designs are included in the permanent design exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Presented with the National Design Award by Smithsonian Design Museum in 2011, Knoll has sponsored many exhibitions from modernist architecture to design and offered scholarship to students in this field. Focusing on being iconic and ergonomic in its furniture, Knoll stands out with its unique lines.
Having initiated the “Modernism at Risk” program with the World Monuments Fund in 2006 to preserve modernist architecture and to pass it on to next generations, Knoll carries out activities to raise awareness for modernist architecture through exhibitions, contests and conferences. Included in the New York Stock Exchange with the code KNL, Knoll is also known for its powerful design team.

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Harry Bertoia

Knoll historian Brian Lutz describes Harry Bertoia, a prolific and talented artist, as follows: “Bertoia’s paintings were better than his sculptures. And his sculptures were better than his furniture. And his furniture was absolutely brilliant.” After studying at Detroit Technical High School and Detroit School of Arts and Crafts, Harry Bertoia opened his own atelier at Cranbrook where he taught jewelry design and metal works. In 1946, he moved to California to help Charles Eames, a Cranbrook alumni, to develop plywood sheathing and binding methods. Although largely unknown, Bertoia’s contribution to the famous Eames chairs bear crucial importance.
With the recommendation of Herbert Matter who collaborated with Eames and Bertoia, Florence and Hans Knoll traveled to California and encouraged Bertoia to move back and to open his own metal shop inside Knoll’s manufacture center. Florence, who had met Bertoia at Cranbrook, was confident that Bertoia would create extraordinary things when given the time and space to experiment. Bertoia’s iconic wire furniture collection, launched in 1952, has gained a global fame as one of the biggest achievements in 20th-century furniture design.


Eames ve Bertoia ile birlikte çalışan Herbert Matter'in önerisi üzerine, Florence ve Hans Knoll, Kaliforniya'ya gitti ve Bertoia'yı tekrar taşınmaya ve Knoll’un üretim tesisinin bir köşesinde kendi metal dükkânını kurması için teşvik ettiler. Cranbrook'da Bertoia ile çalışmış olan Florence, deney yapmak için zaman ve alan verildiğinde Bertoia’nın olağanüstü şeyler üreteceğinden emindi. 1952'de tanıtılan Bertioia’nın ikonik tel mobilya koleksiyonu, 20. yüzyıl mobilya tasarımının büyük başarılarından biri olarak dünya çapında şöhrete sahiptir.

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