ClassiCon was founded by Stephan Fischer von Poturzyn in 1990. Having earned a respectable position in the history of furniture making, the German brand is known for its modern classics. The brand’s vision is to pass the masterpieces of past and present onto next generations as tomorrow’s masterworks.
ClassiCon’s portfolio comprises timeless furniture enhanced with durability. Advocating quality and individuality, the brand continues its aesthetic pursuit without overlooking fashion trends. What matters for the brand more than the level of fame brought along by the designer is to put forth new formal concepts.
In the early 1970s, architect Eileen Gray and Zeev Aram started collaborating to develop furniture and lamps for mass production. In 1973, Eileen Gray signed a global agreement with Aram Designs, London to manufacture her designs for the first time. Today, ClassiCon is the global licensed manufacturer and seller of Eileen Gray Collection.
The signature of ClassiCon guarantees that the manufacture only used high-quality materials and methods, all ecological obligations were met and that every piece of furniture went through quality control

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Eckart Muthesius

After studying at Associated State School for Applied Arts in Berlin and the Polytechnic University in London, Eckart Muthesius became a prominent student at his father Hermann Muthesius’ studio.
In 1929, Muthesius met Indian Prince Yeshwant Rao Holkar Bahadur and the prince assigned him for the building and interior design of his palace Manik Bahg. Completed four months later, the palace became a wonderful example of the Art Deco style. Muthesius supported architecture with his own furniture and lighting designs.
The architect continued his duty as the president of the Board of Planning and Restoration for the State of Indore between 1936 and 1939. After World War II broke out, he had to leave India and return to Berlin where he continued to work as a freelance architect.

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