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Archiproducts Design Awards 2021 Winners

After considering more than 750 submissions from around the world, the winners of the 2021 Archiproducts Design Awards

Evaluated and selected by a panel of judges made up of leading figures in Architecture and Design, the winning works stand out for their unique concepts and represent excellence in creativity, technology and research.

Products that stand out in terms of the use of recyclable and biodegradable materials, production techniques that reduce polluting emissions, and minimal environmental impact throughout the product's entire life cycle. It is reviewed and evaluated by a specially selected jury composed of experts in eco-design and sustainability from the world of architecture and design.

For the third year in a row, De Castelli has confirmed its partnership with the Archiproducts Design Awards, which produced the 2021 ADA Cup.
Designed by the Spanish studio Mut Design and inspired by the 'Möbius strip', this is a sculptural object that takes shape from a metal sheet with an unprecedented black DeLabré finish. A three-dimensional interpretation of the ADA logo explaining the importance of the brand-designer relationship.

BARISTA, design Adriano Design

Characterized by the unique vertical ribbed effect, made of natural copper rods of different diameters, BARISTA is a design object and a unique functional mobile rod that can create a special personal space.
It opens like a book, revealing a stainless steel interior with a special mirrored finish that creates an elegant atmosphere reminiscent of a club or cafe.

WAVE is a refined piece that reinterprets a useful accessory typical of Asian furniture and transforms it into a delightful element that enhances contemporary interiors.
Made of natural copper, the basic shapes and the slow and curvy movement of WAVE invite you to a refreshed and delightful arrival ceremony home.

Anima is a lamp to be used on the floor or on low furniture to keep it close to you or to create depth.
It is a lamp that can be used with pleasure with its originality and natural power.
It is a thin, light, temporary and abstract sculpture, a weightless ideogram. The absence and essence of light.
It is a sense of indirect light with an aesthetic balance between Scandinavian and Japanese design, two seemingly distant but actually very close cultures.
At the top, a thin metal open circle is almost a hook for the fishermen of the soul.
It was born out of Davide Groppi and Giorgio Rava's reflection on 20th century art, and Fausto Melotti's "fine sculptures" of metaphysical matter occupying space with the rhythm of light and music.


A table made from a single material with contemporary lines that reflect a strong personality is the NVL Table.
The distinctive features of the architecture are fully revealed in this painting to highlight the stylistic elements that have always distinguished the works of Jean Nouvel: pure geometric shapes, formal lightness, graphic signs and rigor.
The simplicity of the shapes plays harmoniously with the solidity of the material: the tabletop looks thin and light and seems to float above the base.
The central support consists of two volumes tapering at the top to form two symmetrical bases that support the apex. The effect resembles a triliton, a structure consisting of two vertical elements and a third structure positioned horizontally at the top.


The Taula table collection was inspired by the imposing monoliths of the same name found on the Mediterranean islands of Menorca and Mallorca. natural stone.

The softly curved forms of marble and limestone combine with an ingenious metal support system that creates the effect of a floating hill on the legs. The result of meticulous research into form and perspective by our team, this optical illusion is challenging. Our perception of stone as a solid, heavy material causes it to appear unexpectedly light.

taula table

Levante 008 is a folding teak lounge chair with armrests. A great classic outdoor furniture reinterpreted without sacrificing function and tradition, as if it's always existed. and fully appreciate outdoor spaces, thanks to a delicate study of seating comfort, generous dimensions and the incredible softness of the cushions.

With LEVANTE, Piero Lissoni deftly reinterprets a complete outdoor collection covering different genres, all creating a complete set with elegant lines and timeless charm, where teak and stainless steel, the ultimate wood for outdoor furniture, meet stylish functionality.
Although reminiscent of a certain classic outdoor furniture, the LEVANTE collection is also extremely contemporary. The style not only satisfies those who seek a classic look, but also those who seek furniture designed for typical environments and environments. of today's world.The entire LEVANTE collection is the ideal solution for anyone looking for comfort, whether it's to have fun in the company or to relax in private, and has all the qualities to live in harmony with the surrounding landscape.

levante 008

Hide&Seek - Shelving system with shelves and half cylinders made of glossy lacquered wood in Red and Grey. Front or rear opening half cylinder. Available version partitions with rotating cylinders in predetermined positions for closing.‎ Polished brass details.‎

hide and seek