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The energy of a man who succeeds in achieving his ideas flows naturally in Albino Celato, the founded, in the year 2003, of De Castelli, a brand that would soon come to prove its worth, on the strength of the experience of centuries that he inherited from his family of blacksmiths, deeply rooted in the piedmont area of Venetto and masters in shaping iron.

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Albino Celato

Albino Celato, creator and advocate of the brand De Castelli collections, has always focused his creative ability on rendering an object individual giving it new meanings going beyond traditional conventions, privileging the importance of design aesthetics. The object, in this particular concept, is interpreted above all as a decorative feature and often acquires authentic artistic properties. A philosophy that considers metal as the protagonist was developed from the experience acquired in the company where, since as a youth, he has had the chance to experiment with metal and steel, and even though worked and crafted utilising simple techniques, produce unexpected and surprising design results. Alongside his artistic talent, built over the years with experience,Mr Celato has decided to invest in ultimate generation production systems: this significant technological advancement has led the company to producemetal and steel shapes and objects which would have otherwise been considered as impossible. Another important feature is Mr Celato's ongoing collaboration with artists and architects coming from various backgrounds: a continuous exchange of ideas and experience not just at a creative / conceptual level, but also ongoing research into new metal processing and crafting techniques.

Albino Celato
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