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Founded with Piero Ambrogio Busmelli’s entrepreneurial vision in 1966, B&B Italia is a world-renowned Italian brand which has a leading position in the world of design and offers solutions both for homes and corporate spaces.

Comprising two sections titled B&B Italia Home Division and B&B Italia Contract Division, the brand stands out among the small brands of the industry with its innovative industrial approach to manufacture since its foundation. Though these two divisions include different brands and identities, they share the same philosophy in essence – to create a perfect balance between innovation and design to offer unique products. Home décor, exterior reorganization or office decoration – the approach of the brand stays the same despite the varying contexts.

Having formed strong relations with international designers and carried out continuous research have played an important role in B&B Italia’s achievements which includes many awards such as Compasso D’Oro, the most prestigious award in industrial design in Italia. With a wide distribution area, the brand makes sales in more than 80 countries. B&B Italia’s headquarters in Novedrate, Como was designed by Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers in 1972.

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Studio Kairos

Giuseppe Manente was born in Mestre in 1947. He received his architectural degree at Venice University in 1972. He’s been an architecture since 1973, working in civil and industrial architecture for public and private organizations.
Abramo Mion was born in Mirano in 1951. He studied engineering at University of Padua and at the faculty of architecture at Venice University in 1974. Around then, he became part of a furniture design team and since then, he’s been interested in architecture.
Studio Kairos was founded by Giuseppe Manente and Abramo Mion in Italy in 1980. Named after the Ancient Greek word of kairos meaning “correct spot, correct time, correct measure” in Ancient Greek, the studio has received many prestigious design awards such as Compasso d’Oro.

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