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Super Elliptica

Super Elliptica

Founded by a carpenter with the same name in Denmark in 1872, Fritz Hansen is a long-established design brand that has realized visionary concepts with prominent international designers. Bringing together a timeless collection, world-renowned classic and contemporary furniture, lighting and accessories, Fritz Hansen is a global exquisite company with a long history. 
Since its foundation, Fritz Hansen has become a natural part of the history of design both in Denmark and around the world. Fritz Hansen’s history stands out with perfect craftsmanship, unique designs and high quality. Notable architects and furniture designers from around the world have regularly contributed to the collection of beautifully shaped and functional furniture with innovative techniques and new materials. Arne Jacobsen, Poul Kjærholm, Jaime Hayon, Piero Lissoni, Kasper Salto, and Cecilie Manz are only a few of these names. 
Fritz Hansen believes that a single furniture can make a room, a building, or the mind of a person living or working in that space beautiful. Aiming to design beautiful furniture without making any compromises on comfort, Fritz Hansen’s purpose is to become a niche design, luxury and lifestyle brand. 


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Piet Hein

A rationalist idealist, Piet Hein was neither an architect nor a furniture designer; he was more a philosopher, poet and mathematician. He created “Superellipse” as a new oval shape for Sergel Square in Stockholm. The Swedish designer collaborated with Bruno Matsson to use this shape in Superellipse Table Series, put into manufacture by Fritz Hansen in 1968.

Piet Hein
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